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Weekly Classes

Seven Arts Center offers weekly classes for organizations seeking a consistent art, music or fitness program; perfect for private schools, homeschooling families, pre-school organizations, adult nurseries  and after-school programs  as well as all those seeking to expand their youth imagination and art education within their organization. Our age-appropriate weekly class curriculum  ensures your student will  learn the fundamentals of art, music or fitness, tailored to match their developmental needs, while they build confidence and learn problem-solving and social skills.

Classes are taught by Certified Professional Instructors (background checked)   who provide the  best-practices for course instruction. 

Art Class

ART 101

We seek to strengthen classroom arts instruction by providing our youth with creative age appropriate curriculum  that  exercise  their hands and their heads, using their imagination to express their unique voices. Our Art education includes drawing, painting, sculpture,  design works, and more. 

Benefits:  Helps to increase learning difficulties, social and perceptional skills; memory development and also helps special children to gain self-awareness.

Music Class

Youth Rhythm  Music 

Ages 2+

Each  each weekly music class, we drum, sing, move, and play to rhythms inspired by musical traditions around the world, from West African Gahu, to Japanese Taiko, to Brazilian Samba, just to name a few.​

Memorizing phrases, understand rhyming patterns, and grasp context. Music teaches youth about plants, animals, events — even people and relationships. Nursery rhymes, which have been shown to improve storytelling skills, are also a key part of early childhood education.

School Kids Meditating

Fitness for Life 
Youth Fitness

Our Youth program is a strength and conditioning class developed specifically for ages 5 -17 age range. Also includes health education to help adolescents acquire functional health knowledge, and strengthens attitudes, beliefs, and practice skills needed to adopt .

Improve cardiorespiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, control weight, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and reduce the risk of developing health conditions such as: Heart disease and Cancer.

Youth YOGA:
Our youth programs are designed to foster confident, healthy, emotionally-stable individuals with higher levels of scholastic aptitude and expanded behavioral management skills.
Focus, improve their attention span and be able to concentrate better throughout the day.


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